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Ella Markman ’22
Ella Markman is a junior at Albuquerque Academy and recently joined the advocate staff. She takes inspiration for her writing from her father, who has always been there to guide her through life and influence her writing in general. After high school, she hopes to go to a business school in California to study international business or entrepreneurship/marketing, but ultimately she just wants to be happy with the choices she made for her life. Lastly, a piece of media that was life-changing for her is Hunting Hitler (available on Hulu), a television series about a scientist trying to figure out and understand Hilter’s brain and answer the question of ‘did Hitler survive the war?’. She has always been very interested in learning about the Holocaust and WWII so this documentary gave her some new perspectives and ideas about those times and how that fits in with her Jewish identity.

Ella Markman '22, Writer

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Ella Markman ’22