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2022-2023 Staff

Halie Leland 23

Halie Leland ’23

As Co-EIC this year, Halie is thrilled to be leading The Advocate. Since beginning their career in student journalism in sophomore year, they have developed a deep passion for writing. Halie loves telling stories through honest, in-de...

Mireya Macías 23

Mireya Macías ’23

After joining The Advocate in her sophomore year, Mireya quickly fell in love with journalism, storytelling, and the community that is created and engaged through it. She is excited to get to work, leading and expanding The A...

Uzair Hammad 24
News Editor and Web Editor

Uzair Hammad ’24

As the current news editor and new web editor, Uzair Hammad '24 has been a writer for The Advocate for three years. In his free time, Uzair can be found on a chair outside, working on web design, binge-watching Jeopardy, or ...

Kaeli Kampschmidt 23
School and Local Editor

Kaeli Kampschmidt ’23

Kaeli's love for literature and writing shines through her work as the School and Local Editor. A consistent writer and editor of The Advocate for two years now, you can always count on Kaeli for a helping hand and an encourag...

Taya Demianova 23
Arts and Culture Editor

Taya Demianova ’23

Taya's position in the Advocate reflects her love for journalism. She is able to write fiery passionate articles like Kid Cudi's Gender Bending Performance while also keeping it light and breezy with Taya's Top Ten Books of t...

Opinion Editor

Neil Mahto ’23

Neil Mahto '23 is the life of the party in every group and situation. You can always count on him to crack the right joke and put a smile on your face. An active writer and editor of The Advocate for many years now, he loves to...

Stella Hudson 23
Social Media Editor

Stella Hudson ’23

A junior at the Albuquerque Academy, Stella Hudson has been writing for The Advocate since the beginning of her sophomore year. Her work centers mostly around her love for fashion. She began to be involved with The Advocate as...

Features Editor

Noor Ali ’23

When not making art, browsing Goodreads, or writing for The Advocate, Features Editor Noor Ali '23 is active in SDLC, Model UN, and Albuquerque Academy's Speech and Debate Team. She's especially interested in the intersection betwee...

Haley Pedersen25
Graphics Editor

Haley Pedersen’25

Haley ‘25 is the Advocate’s Graphic Art Editor. Their overall artist career sprouted at a young age from their various dragon sketches and drawings, while their digital art career with The Advocate was initiated around one y...

Elizabeth Hiller 25
At-Large Editor

Elizabeth Hiller ’25

Elizabeth has been writing for the advocate since 7th grade. She enjoys writing news and school and local articles because they give her a better understanding of different topics within her life, but also the community at large...

7th Grade Editor

Lily Ma’ayan ’24

Lily, or Lilith, '24 is the Advocate’s 7th-grade editor who joined our staff in 2021! In 10th grade, she is a class officer who, along with writing enjoys making art, some of which to be used as cover art for friends. She...

DEI Coordinator

Sophia Liem ’23

Writing for the Advocate since junior year, and now the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator, Sophia is drawn to articles that she is passionate about, most notably Dear Admin, It's Time To Address the Dress Code. She also...