The AA drama program branches out in new directions

A Score to Settle


Halloween may not have brought much celebration this year, but there was still a treat to be had, the premier of the Academy’s student written and produced, radio drama. Having been released in two episodes on Friday, Oct. 30 and Saturday Oct. 31 , this thrilling tale of murder and suspicion also includes plenty of laughs and a jaw dropping twist.
From the very beginning of the production, it is clear that a lot of time and energy was put into the writing and producing of this work.With hand drawn visuals and enhanced sound effects this show is truly a visceral experience. The production was made possible by a team of five actors and six editors and technical designers, including author and producer Daniel Viorica 21’.
Set in the 1920s, the show follows the story of four friends, from different backgrounds, who are called to celebrate the birthday of their mutual friend: Sir Wallace Knottingham, renowned explorer and collector of rare artifacts, at his woodland manor. After dinner the guests retire for a while, at which point one of them is murdered. The young scholar, and main character, Ralph Rose, having read many a murder mystery novel, takes it upon himself to root out his friend’s killer from those within the house. A ditsy actress, a nervous biologist, a quiet scholar, and a sharp tongued Scottish literary critic, none can be trusted. The show culminates into a dramatic reveal and an unexpected twist. Episode one, released Friday, covers the characters’ conversations throughout dinner and after dinner activities up until the murder. The second episode, released Saturday Oct. 31, relates the characters’ search for the murderer and the climactic resolution to this issue.

The production, though slightly confusing at times, includes some incredible performances from the entire cast; Erick Bojorquez ‘21, Amy Geores ‘21, Caroline Lutz ‘23, Emily Brody ‘21, John Dominguez-Trujillo ‘21. Conveying emotion and expression using only voice can be a daunting task for many actors, but this batch of Academy performers nailed it. This, combined with an expertly written script, created a truly awe inspiring final product. Combining mystery, humor, and excitement into a single 40 min production, this show is truly something to be remembered. I encourage any and all to go and listen to A Score to Settle today!