Titan of the Musical Theatre, Stephen Sondheim, dies at 91

Stephen Joshua Sondheim, the famous American composer and lyricist, passed away on November 26, 2021. The artist, known for his reinvention of American musicals, died of cardiovascular disease. The so-called “Titan of the American Musical” had no notable illnesses previous to his death. Many sources and close friends declare Mr. Sondheim’s death as unexpected and sudden. There is no clear explanation or description of Sondheim’s death. The New York Times did obtain his death certificate on December 2. However, the public did not receive further information regarding his death certificate.

Born on March 22, 1930, Sondheim had an early interest in the music and entertainment industry. After watching the show Very Warm for May, Sondheim’s dream in music manifested. Not many know of the “Titan of the American Musical”now, but during the 19th century, he was known for renewing American musicals with unique and unpredictable themes that strayed far from the classic genres. His music was familiar to the crowd for being sophisticated and complex. Aspects of life and human experiences were the main points of his plays. Even though Sondheim kept playing and publishing until his death, his popularity decreased. Many say his popularity diminished due to his age and energy levels. He could not produce as many songs as he did in the 1980s.

Sondheim’s songs are still outstanding and emotionally enduring. His journey in life started and ended with music, but may his music and words live on forever in our hearts. Personally, during the holiday season, I like to listen to Merrily We Roll Along.