The Shooting of Daunte Wright

Another Needless Death at the Hands of Police

Daunte Wright was shot and killed in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on Sunday, by a police officer who meant to deploy her taser, but instead fired her gun. A 20-year old African-American, Daunte Wright was driving with his girlfriend to his brother’s new home, when he was pulled over at a traffic stop because the registration on his car had expired. Cops began struggling to take him into custody claiming they had an outstanding warrant Wright began to re-enter his car in restraint. Immediately, an officer yelled “I’ll tase you!” and pulled out a Glock-17, instead of a taser, saying “see this, I’ll tase you”. Then fired it and in surprise shouted “Holy s***, I just shot him!”. This officer has now been identified as Kim Potter, who has since resigned and been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter. It has been said that this was an accident, but many people including Wright’s family think otherwise. After word got out that Wright had been killed, there have been many protests, especially from the Black Lives Matter movement, voicing their disconcert with police brutality in this country. Tensions are also expanding between community members and police amid the Derek Chauvin trial. Additionally, there have been riots in the wake of Wright’s death. Daunte Wright was killed 11 miles away from where George Floyd was murdered.