New Mexico Leads the Nation in Vaccination Rates!

What does the future hold?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people around the world have placed their hope in a possible vaccine. Now, the vaccine is a reality, and everyone is scrambling to get in line to receive a dose and get back to normal life. Back in December, when the FDA deemed the vaccines safe, vaccine distribution proceeded throughout the nation. Now, five months later, there have been over 165 million vaccine doses administered with an average of 3.29 million people getting vaccinated daily.
With that being said, the United States has seen an increase in case numbers despite record breaking rates of vaccinations. These case numbers, however, are mainly from the country’s younger populations, not the vaccinated senior populations, and scientists around the country are confident that the vaccine has reduced transmission rates. The number of deaths and hospitalizations around the country have declined since winter. This may indicate that vaccines work to help lower the risk of fatal Covid-19 symptoms.
New Mexico leads the nation with 26 percent of the population fully vaccinated, and about 50 percent of the population with one dose. The next round of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines became available to people ages 16 and up on April 5. If enough teens get vaccinated , it could decrease the spread of Covid-19, and in turn lead to safer high school communities. Here at Academy, the school offers vaccine clinics for students 18+ and plans on offering vaccine shots to those 16 and up in the coming weeks.
With our current trajectory, the CDC predicts by mid-June, 50 percent of the US population will be fully vaccinated while 85 percent will be fully vaccinated by early September. The CDC also predicts, in New Mexico, 50 percent of the population will be fully vaccinated by mid-May, and 85 percent by mid-August. With 85 percent of the population vaccinated, herd immunity is likely achieved. The term “herd immunity” describes the resilience of a population against a disease after a large percentage of people receive a vaccination.
If New Mexicans continue to use all available vaccine doses, we can hasten the decline of fatality rates in our state and nation-wide. However, even after vaccination, the importance of wearing adequate face coverings and participating in social distancing remain. If we remain vigilant about Covid-19, the country, our state, and our school can leave this pandemic behind and walk into a bright, and a more normal future.