United Flight Shed Debris Over Denver

More trouble for manufacturer Boeing

Closeup of the burning Boeing engine.

On Saturday around 1:30 PM, a United airline flight going to Honolulu from Denver had to turn back after it suffered an engine failure close to takeoff. On the trip back, the plane shed debris on Broomfield Parks in Colorado and the Red and Leaf neighborhoods. People on the ground could hear the engine explode and could see the smoke. The failure on the right engine caused no injuries and everyone on the flight was reported safe. The NTSB(National Transportation Safety Board) advises anyone who comes in contact with debris to contact local law enforcement. The FAA(Federal Aviation Administration) has said the debris is a mile long and an investigation is being conducted into the cause of the engine failure. The plane was at 10,000 feet when the failure occurred and most of the passengers were put on another flight.
The NTSB is working to figure out what happened and analysts have stated the cause of the accident was an uncontained engine failure. Engine failure is more likely to occur when taking off because it requires a lot of power to ascend. Police advise not to touch the debris as it may be harmful. The NTSB is working on recovering the debris so they can look to see what happened. Luckily, no one was injured, and the debris did not cause any major damage.