Black Lives Matter Resources

All resources were found on the New Mexico United Professional Soccer team website. We are beyond appreciative of the work they put in to give New Mexicans a list of anti-racism educational resources, local and national non-profits to donate to and volunteer with, and black owned local businesses and artists to support. Please do your part by utilizing this page to help combat racism and your own biases!

Start by:

Registering to Vote if you are old enough!

Take to the streets.  If you or someone you know is arrested while protesting,  Senator Jacob Candelaria is offering free legal representation:

Jacob Candelaria *


[email protected]

Educate Yourself:

Learn about Blackdom, New Mexico.

While the following book titles are available through many avenues, we suggest finding a local bookstore, if possible, to purchase from. Here is a list.


Local University Scholarship Funds currently accepting donations: 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. – Iota Psi Lambda Chapter:  E. S. Foster Educational Trust


Support Black-Owned Local Businesses:


Restaurants & More
Wellness & Beauty
Art & Entertainment

Support Local Black Artists:

Learn More:

Visit for the full comprehensive list