Sweet Dreams: The 8-9 Division’s First Dance of the Year

A night of fun!


Nagi Wigh '26

8-9 students wore out their shoes at this fun event.

On Friday, November 11th the 8-9 student council hosted their first dance of the year in Simms Lobby. The theme for the dance was “Sweet dreams,” and the student council put a lot of effort into decorating the lobby for the event, streamers were rustled by students and cotton clouds hung from the ceiling. “The theme is something that people can be pretty imaginative with, so I hope everyone will like it,” Dhavina Kholwadwala ‘27, a member of the student council, said before the dance began.
The dance was a success. It was nearly a full house and there were times when it was impossible to cross the lobby without pushing through an ocean of people. The songs never stopped– for two hours there was an onslaught of popular songs to dance to. Some of the songs were for slow dancing, others were for fast-paced group dances.

All grades should have the opportunity to go to a school dance because it’s a lot of fun

— Shelby Horwitz ‘27

The student council did a great job of incorporating all members of the 8-9 community, whether they enjoyed dancing in the center or sitting in the back of the stairwell. To the pleasure of many, there was a table in the back with snacks and beverages. Chips, fruit, and a plethora of desserts were offered, and drinks included water and lemonade. This area was a hotspot for students. It is thanks to the student council’s effort that this dance was able to happen. Students all across 8-9 are eagerly awaiting the next one.