World Day of Prayer

A Day of Faith, Community, and Female Empowerment

International Logo for World Day of Prayer

International Logo for World Day of Prayer

Kai Seidenberg

The World Day of Prayer is a Christian initiative aiming to bring together women from all across the world to create fellowship and support women’s involvement in mission work. Celebrated on the first Friday of March, the day highlights awareness of other countries and cultures, while sympathizing the burdens of other people through prayer. Its goal is to demonstrate that prayer and action are inseparable and have a major influence on the world.

The program is an ecumenical society founded on Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant traditions. Celebrated by 170 countries; each year, one nation is selected to choose a specific theme that emphasizes prayer concerns, based on pertinent global affairs . Each topic is supported by a Biblical verse that connects modern problems with themes represented in the Bible.. The worship service portrays a multi-dimensional, cultural experience that authentically represents the chosen country.

In their commitment to broaden relations locally and nationally, community participation has grown through their dedication to listening, trust, and inclusivity. To acknowledge worldly issues, women additionally participate in campaigning, petitioning, rallying, and advocating. In each region, women convey unity through art, social media, and song to represent issues. All events are structured interactively, promoting a sense of openness. Overall, the foundation fosters a connection between women globally, and founds a common idea of unity.

This year’s chosen country was Slovenia. The parable of the event is “Come -everything is ready… to praise, thank, and proclaim the kingdom of love”,—which refers to a dinner in the Gospel of Luke, in which the invited guests were strangers called off the streets to attend.

World Day of Prayer is  devoted to supporting women in all reaches of the world.  As more women join the movement, more women’s voices are heard. Their goal is to have an open community environment to speak about the issues facing the world.