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A Preview of what the new shelves will look like.

Library Weeds Collection

Seeks to Make the Library More User Friendly
Elizabeth Hiller '25, Writer December 3, 2021

The Albuquerque Academy Simms Library has begun an extensive book weeding process to help improve the library’s selection and make it more approachable to library patrons. Megan Glidden, the Director...

Judge Raymond Lohier Inspires Justice Through Empathy

Judge Raymond Lohier Inspires Justice Through Empathy

Judge Lohier of the U.S. Court of Appeals of the Second District visited Academy to discuss his life and career.
Kira Small , Writer November 12, 2021

Judge Raymond Lohier of the United States Court of Appeals of the Second Circuit shakes my hand, his smile apparent even from behind his mask. He’s a former lawyer and longtime civil rights advocate...

Peter Levin 11

Welcoming the New Teachers To AA

Peter Levin '11 joins the Teaching Fellows program
Sowmya Sankaran '27, Writer October 19, 2021

One of the new faces on campus is Peter Levin ‘11 a current member of the Teaching Fellows program teaching 7th grade science. Before coming to AA, he taught pre-school and outdoor education, so this...



Sports and extra-curricular activities make a slow but steady return.
Elias Arredondo '23, Writer September 25, 2020

Some of your favorite sports, along with clubs and recreational activities, including hiking in Bear Canyon and using the new bike park, started conducting in-person meetings and practices on Sept.16....

Homecoming Photo Gallery

A Few Fun Pics from Cheers and Bonfire
Photos by Deana Chefchis '21 October 2, 2019

Courtesy of Jason Zuffranieri and Sony Entertainment

Math Teacher Amasses $532,496 on Popular Quiz Show

Uzair Hammad '24 September 28, 2019

With a love for all kinds of trivia and puzzles, it was not a surprise that Albuquerque Academy math teacher Jason Zuffranieri, affectionately known by many as "JZ," was drawn to “Jeopardy!,” the popular...

Senior Football Players Photo by Shaun Gehres

The New Age of Academy Football

Revitalized Team Charging Ahead
Siddhi Gardner, '21 September 26, 2019

New seasons of every sport are bound to have some changes. Drastic ones are taking place on the Chargers Football team, such as the change in coaches over the summer. The previous coach, Kevin Carroll,...

AA Faculty Shine in New Art Show

Alex Mclaughlin, Writer and Photographer May 18, 2018

When surrounded by incredible talent, it is easy to forget that teachers at Albuquerque Academy are skilled professionals outside of their teaching careers, and that they have made, and continue to make,...

Courtesy of

Meet the new sport taking over Academy

Academy Staff April 27, 2016

Move over, El Juicio. There’s a new trendy ball game on campus: Spikeball-- an intriguing and fun way to spend your free time.  Either in the quad, or the outdoor amphitheater, groups of students can...

Wildlife on Campus

Wildlife on Campus

Academy Staff May 10, 2015

In addition to its 1,129 students, the Academy also hosts a wide variety of local wildlife that uses the campus for feeding, breeding and living grounds. The existence of some of these creatures is common...

Gallery: Winter Ball

Gallery: Winter Ball

Academy Staff February 5, 2015

On Jan. 31, Academy hosted its annual Winter Ball. The dance was organized by the sophomore class officers and was winter resort themed. Winter Ball is Academy's version of a Sadie Hawkins dance for students...

Academy community celebrates with winter activities

Academy community celebrates with winter activities

Academy Staff January 27, 2015

On Jan. 23, the senior class officers organized three winter activities for the Academy community in preparation for this week's Winter Ball on Jan. 31. To start the Friday night off, the boys varsity...

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