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Albuquerques Mayoral Election Heats Up

Albuquerque’s Mayoral Election Heats Up

Incumbent Tim Keller faces two major challengers for his position.
Uzair Hammad '24 October 1, 2021

This November, residents of Albuquerque will elect a new mayor. This year's race has been marred more than usual with allegations of corruption against both incumbent Democratic mayor Tim Keller and his...

Albuquerque Prepares to Elect a New Mayor

Albuquerque Prepares to Elect a New Mayor

Here is the current lineup of candidates
Abhishek Narahari '24, Writer April 30, 2021

On November 2, 2021, the city of Albuquerque will host its quadrennial mayoral election to select who will lead the city for the next four years. Incumbent Democratic Mayor Tim Keller is running for reelection,...

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