Feminism Club

A Safe Space for Sharing and Learning


Original Art by Haley Pedersen '25

Women’s History Month, celebrated in March each year, is devoted to recognizing contributions made by the women of the world. In honor of this month, I sat down with Feminism Club co-founder Grace Roll to discuss feminism and how the members of the Feminism Club are changing our campus for the better.

Feminism Club was founded by Grace Roll, Jenny Blackwell, and Keira Hadlich. The club’s priority is to create a safe and comfortable space for everyone. Anyone is welcome to come and discuss what changes can be made around campus. As Roll says, “all it takes to be a feminist is respecting others and being ready to fight for [their] rights.” Regardless of gender identity, anyone who believes in equal opportunities and rights for all is a feminist, according to the club’s founders.

The response to feminism is not always positive. Critics often claim “feminists hate men, or they want women to be superior to men.” In truth, all it comes down to is wanting equal rights for all. Members of Feminism Club are adressing these negative perspectives by talking to the administration about including more educational opportunities and interactive activities on issues such as sex education, discrimination, and abortion. The club prioritizes being a safe area for people to speak their minds, as well as a source of information for the community.

Grace Roll has one message for all the new, old, and incoming members of the Feminism Club: “I want to say thank you so much for coming because I’m very proud of what I and the other leaders of the club have done. So, every time someone new comes, I feel it’s an achievement. As for the newcomers, I’d like to ask them what their goal is. I’d hope that anyone new coming would have something they’re interested in doing and hopefully, that’s something we could make happen.”

Maybe all of us can take a part in creating a world of equality. If you want to be a part of this club come down and join us during Friday club time in Brown 400.