JV Boys soccer team completes short but successful season


Elliette Varley

The Chargers run across the field victoriously.

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted lots of events in the past year. Most of these events were sports, but since the Governor’s approval for sports to resume, soccer players are returning to the field with a new sense of drive and determination. The Albuquerque Academy Junior Varsity soccer teams concluded  a fantastic season. The Boys team played six games, varying in opponents and locations. Here are the scores from the matches:

-Maks Giermakowski Rios ‘25 and Ben Morgan ‘25 led the Chargers to their first victory on 3/11 against the Cleveland Storm. The score was 3-0, with two goals from Maks Giermakowski Rios ‘25, and one goal from Ben Morgan ‘25.

-The Chargers won their first home game on 3/16 against the Hope Christian Huskies 4-1, with one goal from Grady Gilchrist ‘25, and Evan Chang ‘25, and two goals from Ethan Faber ‘23.

-The boys won their 3/17 home game against the Los Alamos Hilltoppers  6-0, with three goals from Eli Dominguez ‘25, two goals from Evan Chang ‘25, and one goal from Grady Gilchrist ‘25.

-The Chargers put up a good fight, but ended up losing their 3/23 home game against the Rio Rancho Rams 2-1, with Ben Morgan ‘25 scoring the only goal.

-On 3/27 they won their away game against the Hope Christian Huskies 4-1, with Grady Gilchrist ‘25 and Eli Dominguez ‘25 each scoring a goal, and Evan Chang ‘25 scoring 2 goals.

-They won their final game 3-0, against the Rio Rancho Rams on 3/29. Evan Chang ‘25, Grady Gilchrist ‘25, and Ben Morgan ‘25 each scored one goal.

On behalf of the Advocate, I would like to congratulate the Boys team, and wish the best of luck to all the other Academy sports teams on a great season.

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