Super Bowl Predictions

A close analysis and prediction of the outcome!

In one of the most remarkable seasons in NFL history, it will be capped off by a legendary showdown between two teams led by superstar quarterbacks. Tom Brady, the most successful and arguably the greatest of all time, and Patrick Mahomes, the young quarterback that is transforming the position in the NFL, will face off to take home the title of Super Bowl Champions . With a 2-2 record against each other, this game will give the edge to one side and could potentially change the careers of both players. Both rosters are riddled with talented players on the offensive side of the ball which leads to the question, which defense can stand their ground longer? With the Chiefs edging out the Buccaneers in Week 12 of the season this year, the Chiefs know how to beat the Buccaneers. As the reigning champions with an arguably better team, the Chiefs are the current favorites. However, the Buccaneers, who have been on a hot streak as of late (winning 7 games in a row) and having home-field advantage for the first time in Super Bowl history, have a good chance to upset the reigning champions and claim their second championship as a franchise.

Position Advantages
Quarterback: Chiefs
While Tom Brady has far more experience and accolades than Patrick Mahomes, Mahomes’ dominance against any team makes him a game changer and gives the Chiefs the edge at this position.
Running Backs: Buccaneers
Both teams have dynamic backfields with multiple players capable of taking over a game. However, the Buccaneers’ consistency in the run game cannot be ignored. Combined with one of the best offensive lines in the league, the Buccaneers’ run game has a clear advantage.
Wide Receivers: Buccaneers
The Chiefs have many wide receivers with the speed to blow past any secondary. Even so, the Buccaneers have three Pro Bowl wide receivers on their team that can play anywhere on the field. Their versatility gives them the edge.
Tight End: Chiefs
Travis Kelce is having a career year and cannot be stopped by any team. He will have a great game no matter how much attention he receives from the Buccaneers defense. While Rob Gronkowski is one of the most dominant tight ends ever, Kelce is more consistent this season, giving the Chiefs the upper hand.
Offensive Line: Buccaneers
With the Chiefs’ offensive line decimated by injuries, their patchwork group will have their hands full with the pass rush of the Buccaneers the entire game. On the other hand, the Buccaneers’ offensive line has been dominant in both the run and pass aspects giving them the advantage.
Defensive Line: Chiefs
Both teams run different defensive schemes, but the talent and production from the Chiefs’ defensive line make up for their weakness at the linebacker position. Chris Jones and Frank Clark are amazing pass rushers and could make it a long day for Tom Brady.
Linebackers: Buccaneers
Devin White and Lavonte David are arguably the greatest inside linebacker duo in the NFL. Combined with one of the best pass rushers in Shaquil Barrett as well as the recent resurgence of Jason Pierre-Paul, the Buccaneers may have the best linebacker corps in the NFL
Secondary: Chiefs
The Chiefs secondary has emerged as one of the most dominant in the NFL. Their safeties, Tyrann Mathieu and Daniel Sorenson can play almost anywhere on the field and can make an impact in the pass and run game. Bashaud Breeland and Charvarius Ward have stepped up and become reliable corners on either side. However, the talent loaded across the Buccaneers’ defense will create problems that will be exploited by Tom Brady.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs
With a true coin-flip of a matchup, the Chiefs gain the edge due to their dynamic and explosive offense. Offensive mastermind, Andy Reid, will be calling plays and will be able to overcome almost any obstacle the Tampa Bay defense can throw at the Chiefs. With loaded offenses on either side, the game will likely become a shootout and the Buccaneers will simply not be able to keep up. Mahomes is the most unstoppable force in the NFL and while he may be slowed down, it will not be for long. Tom Brady and the Buccaneers will have to dominate time of possession to keep Mahomes off the field which is highly unlikely, giving the Chiefs the advantage.

Super Bowl MVP: Patrick Mahomes
Quarterbacks have won Super Bowl MVP in four of the past six Super Bowls. It is the most critical position on the field and Patrick Mahomes is one of the best to play quarterback in the NFL. His athleticism, intelligence, and support from Andy Reid and the talented Chiefs’ offense will lead to a great performance from Mahomes and back-to-back Super Bowl MVPs for just the third time in the history of the NFL.