Youtuber Takes on Boxing Champ

A preview of the very weird Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul bout


Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. is set to have an exhibition fight on February 21, 2020. The 43-year-old boxer will be taking on the 25-year-old YouTube celebrity, Logan “The Maverick” Paul. Mayweather announced the fight via social media, and no fight card, location, or venue have been announced yet. He comes into the fight with a record of 50-0 while Paul has a record of 0-1, with the one loss being to fellow YouTuber, KSI.
The fight announcement surprised many people, including Logan Paul who said the fight made “no f***ing sense”. He also said that he didn’t think the contract was real when signing it and thought his team was playing a prank on him. Although Paul has a height, reach, and weight advantage on Mayweather, Mayweather is still the clear favorite in this fight because of his experience. Mayweather has a 98.04% chance of winning, according to
The fight will be available to stream with pay-per-view starting at $24.99 and will get more expensive as time goes on, jumping up to $69.99 starting Feb. 11. Pay-per-view may be the real winner in this strange bout.