Sounds of Fall (Top 10 Music)


Elias Arredondo '23, Writer

From different genres of music, this fall season has truly produced great albums and singles. 2020 has been an especially good year for artist collaborations, including songs like “Head and Heart” by British artists; Joel Corry and MNEK as well as “WAP” by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. Without further ado, here are my Top 10 Releases of Fall 2020:

The titles of the songs/albums have been linked to the music videos!

Please listen to the songs/albums with discretion. Some songs/albums have explicit content and lyrics!


1: Lemonade – Internet Money & Gunna ft. Don Toliver & NAV

Written and produced by hip hop collective Internet Money in partnership with rapper Gunna, this song features vocals by Don Toliver and a verse from NAV. Released as the second single preceding Internet Money’s album B4 The Storm, it was an instant success, reaching number 6 on Billboard’s Hot 100. This song is the perfect combination of the different artists’ talents. The different artist’s contributions flow together seamlessly and compliment each other on an almost surreal level. This song immediately blew up on TikTok inspiring hundreds of remixes and variations. Overall, this is the perfect song to listen to over and over again without ever losing interest. (This song has explicit lyrics; please listen with discretion)

2: HOLIDAY – Lil Nas X

This Christmas themed pop/rap single was released on November 13, and is the latest song to be released by world-famous popstar Lil Nas X. This song was one of the first to be released after Nas X’s coming out as gay. He described it as his “return song” in a video with YouTube star James Charles, and was featured at a one of a kind virtual concert in the popular video game Roblox. This song is the perfect blend of beat, melody, and lyrics that’ll leave you singing it for days on end. The song’s lyrics reflect a futuristic style of Christmas. The music video also presents this theme, with Nas X playing the roles of toy elf and Santa Claus in a high tech “workshop.” I highly recommend this song, and it is sure to be a smash hit in the future. (This song has explicit lyrics; please listen with discretion)


3: Laugh Now Cry Later – Drake ft. Lil Durk

As a lead single for Drake’s upcoming album Certified Lover Boy. Reaching number 2 on the Billboard top 100, this song is a classic revival of Drake’s signature sound. With a laid back melody and simple yet catchy lyrics, this song is near perfection. The addition of Lil Durk to this song perfectly compliments Drake’s lyrical style. His smooth constant rhymes and similar rhythmic beat allow for smooth transitions between the two rapper’s lines, almost sounding like the same person. The official release music video for this song also received considerable sponsorship by Nike. The entire video takes place in the Nike world headquarters in Oregon, featuring the complexes sports facilities and luxurious campus. (This song has explicit lyrics; please listen with discretion)


4: Mood – 24kGoldn ft. Iann Dior

Since its release on July 24th,  24kGoldn’s “Mood” has risen in popularity, becoming the first song ever to top the Hot 100 charts in three categories in the same week. This upbeat, hip hop/rap, featuring lyrics by rapper Iann Dior, has inspired countless remixes, including an official variation featuring Justin Bieber and J Balvin. The song comments on the previous toxic relationships of the two rappers, as well as on failed relationships in general. The upbeat melody and up-to-date lyrics blend perfectly to create an amazing listening experience. (This song has explicit lyrics; please listen with discretion)



5: Therefore I Am – Billie Eilish

The pop icon Billie Eilish is back with a new exciting single. The song is an interesting change from Billie’s typical style. It was written in part by her brother Finneas and features the classic electronically synthesized vocals and familiar melody. However, the style and delivery of the lyrics seem slightly different this time around. The lyrics to this song are slightly less melodic than what Eilish has done in the past, and almost reminiscent of slam style poetry. This is not the only peculiar element to the song. The official music video (produced by Billie herself) features her running through a seemingly empty mall, after hours, singing and taking food from the various abandoned restaurants. The video was also shot in a way which makes it appear as if it were shot on a cell phone. Overall this song is yet another great creation from such a talented artist, and a refreshing variation from her classic style.

6: Positions – Arianna Grande

This album marks Arianna Grande’s sixth studio album and her fifth number one hit single, for the album’s title track:“Positions” (released prior to the album). The songs in this album have a distinct R&B/Trap-pop sound with lyrics describing intimate experiences and emotions, often sexual in nature. Several of the tracks send a detectable feminist message with Arianna playing as the president in the feature track “Positions”. For this album, she partnered with several guest artists, including Doja Cat and The Weekend. By far the best tracks on this album are: “Positions”, “34 + 35”, and “Motive”. (This album has explicit lyrics; please listen with discretion. For the music video, viewer’s discretion is advised.)

7: OK Not To Be OK – Marshmello & Demi Lovato

This hit single, released on September 10, is a collaboration project between DJ Marshmello and popstar Demi Lovato. Made in support of the Hope For The Day suicide prevention movement, the song sends a strong message of hope and discusses the theme of suicide and mental health. With a positive and upbeat sound and catchy lyrics that will leave you humming for hours, this song is really something special.




8: Smile – Katy Perry

This album marks the sixth studio album from artist Katy Perry. Despite receiving initial backlash, this album still managed to land the number 5 spot on the Billboard Top 200 list. This album is jam-packed with positive messages of hope and resilience, almost to the point of being cliche. The album features twelve songs with titles like: “Resilient”, “Cry About it Later”, and the feature song “Smile”. This album also includes some of Perry’s standalone singles from 2019: “Never Really Over” and “Harleys in Hawaii”. The album has a classic Katy Perry-style sound, with upbeat music and catchy lyrics. The best releases by far are: “Never Really Over and Tucked”.



9: Emergency Tsunami – NAV & Wheezy

Emergency Tsunami is the latest album to be released by the Indian-Canadianrapper, NAV with production from Atlanta producer Wheezy. This album features 14 tracks, including a short intro and outro track. The opening and ending track consist of a “breaking news style” natural disaster warning. Continuing with this theme, the music visualizers for several of the tracks on this album consist of a repeating sequence of real life tsunami footage cut and edited together. For this album, NAV collaborated with several different artists, including: Lil Baby, Lil Keed, Young Thug, and Gunna. After receiving slander from his past albums, NAV receives redemption with this album. Many of the songs on this album flow seamlessly together. Overall, this album attempts to capture the quarantine experience and send a message of hope. I would say the best tracks on this album are: “Friends & Family, and “Vetement Socks”. (This album has explicit lyrics; please listen with discretion. For the music video, viewer’s discretion is advised.)


10: Ice Cream – BLACKPINK ft. Selena Gomez

“Ice Cream” is a song that has squeezed its way to the top. The song features a collaboration between K-Pop band BLACKPINK and sensational artist Selena Gomez. I consider this song as one of the first excursions of BLACKPINK into western markets and it has managed to snag the number 13 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100. The song has a “bubble pop” style sound and lyrics consisting mostly of ice cream-related metaphors. It also includes a very “Megan Thee Stallion” style rap towards the end. Additionally, Arianna Grande helped write the song along with several other renowned hip hop writers. (This song has explicit lyrics; please listen with discretion)