Chadwick Boseman 1976-2020

A Short, Beautiful, Influential Life


Chadwick Boseman, known by many as King T’Challa from “Black Panther,” passed away with his family beside him on August 28, 2020. According to a statement posted on his Twitter account, he had been battling stage III colon cancer since 2016, through all his shoots, until he passed away. But, he will be remembered for years to come for the characters that he brought to life and for the people that he inspired. In the 2013 film, “42”, he played Jackie Robinson, the first African American athlete to play in Major League Baseball. In Marvel’s “Black Panther”, he played King T’Challa, the first African mainstream superhero. Boseman showed the diversity of African American culture through his roles and helped normalize the portrayal of strong and successful black men in the media. It made seeing black heroes possible for the first time and showed the world, and Black children, that Black heritage is something to be proud of, not something to hide. The character of King T’Challa highlighted African history, culture, and language and showed us its beauty and uniqueness. 

Boseman portrays King T’Challa, the main protagonist in Black Panther. The actor has been detrimental to the uprising of African-Americans portraying superhero characters.

Representation of minorities in the media is fairly scarce and movies like Black Panther help African Americans feel more represented and understood. Black Pantherbrought a black superhero and a mostly black cast onto screen. The movie showed a very technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda, a vision of black excellence. The costumes worn and the sets showed the diversity of Black culture and identity.. The entire movie uplifted Black America by not showing the usual images  of poverty and suffering, but rather showing black excellence.

Boseman was a superhero both in the movie Black Panther and in real life. He stayed strong throughout his entire acting career, inspiring people with his iconic characters. His strength has inspired millions of African Americans, leaving an everlasting impact on the Black community while constantly uplifting them. 2013 film, “42”’s director Helgeland says about Boseman, “It’s the way he carries himself, his stillness — you just have that feeling that you’re around a strong person.”


Rest In Peace Chadwick Boseman (1976-2020)