The Return of the Yoyo


Art by Kirby Meyers '21

Yoyos are back! At some point most people have owned a yoyo. They are one of the most common toys around. Did you know that something like a yoyo was used in China around 500 BC? People have been playing with yoyos for a long time! Yoyos are becoming a trend for all age groups, and are especially popular in the seventh grade. Now, with all the free time everyone has due to the Covid-19 quarantine, it
is the perfect time to work on mastering the yoyo!

There are a variety of tricks that you can do with a yoyo, from walking the dog, to a sub mount, which is a trick that makes the yoyo string create a triangle, and many more in between. One 7th grader, Lula Lo, can do over 25 tricks. That isn’t even a fourth of all of them! Overall, about 60% of the 7th graders own yoyos, although only a few people practice regularly.
There are different types of yoyos aside from brands.A few brands of yoyo manufacturers that make yoyos for all different occasions include Yoyo Factory, Duncan, and These brands are found on Amazon or their own websites, and have a yoyo shipped to you easily. When asked what their preferred type of yoyo was,

Art by Leedy Corbin ’20

the “yoyo masters” gave two different answers. They said that an unresponsive yoyo is a type of yoyo that does not go up and down. It is often used for more complicated tricks because it is easier to manipulate. Another type of yoyo is a responsive yoyo,which is the classic type of yoyo that goes up and down, that most people have.
When asked what he liked about yoyos, 7th grader Tiger Wong-Wagner said, “Probably that they are pretty easy to pick up and fit easily in your pocket. There are also an infinite number of tricks to learn and come up with.” This is one of the many reasons that yoyos have been around such a long time. They are easy to use, have many different things you can do with them, and you can always keep improving. That means at least a few hours that you aren’t bored during quarantine!
If you don’t have a yoyo, you might want to consider buying one. They are inexpensive, fun, and a great way to pass the time. Yoyos are a great example of an object that has been used for many years and will probably be used for many more.