Welcome back from Student Senate!

Welcome back from Student Senate!

Dear Academy Community,

To all of our new students, welcome to the Academy– and for all of our existing students, welcome back! For those of you who may not know us, we are your Student Senate President Abhishek Narahari, and Vice President Anya Parasher. It’s been so great to see many of you on campus over the past few days!

As you may recall last spring, we started our first Op-Ed for the Advocate titled “Letters from the Student Senate.” We did this in hopes to update you guys regularly on new policies and events, subcommittee work, and to highlight the numerous efforts being put forward by our senators. As we stated in our previous letter, we already have the ball rolling with the creation of subcommittees and plans to work on numerous issues like wellbeing, environmental issues, and of course, the Tri School dance! We’ll also be working on the club fair– which will be hosted on Friday, September 1st– hosting Town Halls again, and updating you regularly through our newsletter, the Senate email, our bulletin board (located in Brown) and our social media platforms. 

But let’s reflect for a moment on convocation. This is often a sentimental time for all students to reflect on previous school years, and create new beginnings. Abhishek delivered a wonderful speech Thursday morning to our community with messages relating to this school’s core values, including trust and diversity, and a call to action for issues like mental health and educational representation. Once again, as was mentioned in the speech, the Senate will continue to ensure that Academy will be a school that teaches all topics– despite attempts by officials across the country to hide or sugar-coat certain aspects of history. As we enter the new school year, we hope that you keep these messages of positivity and hope throughout all of your endeavors, no matter what comes in your way!

To our fellow seniors- we can’t wait to begin our final year at AA with you all! Please remember that you can always contact either of us with questions or concerns about anything affecting your school experience! Or, as always, feel free to approach us anytime on campus. 

Until next time, take care!

Abhishek and Anya

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