7th Grade Boys Hoops loses to Hope

On Tuesday, February first one of the Chargers five 7th grade boys basketball team played against Hope Christian. Usually, the first day of the month is a day of good hopes and expectations for a good month. This is what the Chargers did, but the moment they stepped on the court they realized this month would not be the best of months. With a record of 2 wins and 2 losses to Hope Christian, the Chargers were confident they could win another game seeing as they also defeated two of the top teams in the league.

The moment the clock struck 4 pm the referees waited for the countdown then 3, 2, 1, PLAY! In the very first minute of the game Chargers player Bryce Taylor ‘28 gave a pass to teammate Ben Marshall ’28 who had his feet set, and arms ready, and the shot went in. Marshall gave the Chargers an early lead until everything went downhill. Hope’s players 1 and 14 came together to score 12 unanswered points making a 12-2 score against the Chargers in the first quarter. During this period there were three timeouts and 5 fouls for each team.

In the second half, the Chargers tried to fight back with Roberto Walker ‘28 scoring in the last minute of the game and Marshall with another basket becoming the high scorer for Academy with 4 points. Hope’s players 14 and 2 really showed their dominance combining for 24 points. This led to a devastating loss for the Chargers who now are 2-3 The game ended with a score of 26-6. Later when asked how the game was, Roberto Walker ‘28 said “The game was the perfect moment for us to realize how we are and what we were weak in. We realized our own mistakes and will definitely try to climb up and fix ourselves for the next games.” The Chargers gave it their all and put up a good fight. So keep it up Chargers.