Portales Rams Roll Over Academy Chargers

Portales vs Academy did not end in the Chargers’ favor

On Friday, October 14, the Academy Boys Varsity Football team faced a gridiron great, finding out why the 4A District Portales Rams are ranked number one.

The Rams beat the Chargers 42-7.

The game began with the Chargers just one game behind the Rams in the standings. The Academy Chargers have proven to be a strong high school football power this year, coming into the game with a 5-2 record, winning their last two games. Portales was also a powerhouse team, racking up a record of 6-1 coming into this game—and the Rams were hungry for victory.

On Portales’s first possession of the game, the Academy defense held them and forced the ram to punt. The Chargers then received the ball at their own 32-yard line. With a series of strong, physical runs by running back Landen Martinez ’23, Academy was able to slowly march down the field. Wide receiver Jaewon Choi ’23 then helped Academy on this drive after hustling for two first downs, one of which was a 3rd down conversion.

Chargers Quarterback Andres Rivera ’23, took his time converting three first downs on this long drive. Choi took a handoff from Rivera who scored a four-yard touchdown. Kicker Gage Conway ’26 kicked the ball through the uprights to cap off their drive. In all, the drive was 68 yards, with Academy converting five first downs along the way for their well-earned 7 points.

Academy 7. Portales 0.

It was then that things changed.

Academy’s quick start did not rattle the Rams. Portales’s offense had a variety of plays, mixing runs with short screen passes, and long 30-yard bombs. Portales drove 82 yards which resulted in a three-yard touchdown run. The extra point was good, and the Rams answered Academy’s open touchdown in the blink of an eye.


On the Chargers’ second possession, the Portales defense put pressure on them, bringing up an early 3rd and long situation. Rivera dropped back, and threw the ball toward the middle of the field, where it was picked off by one of Portales’s linebackers.

The Rams now possessed the ball, and they were threatening to score as they had the ball deep in the Chargers’ territory. After converting a long 22-yard pass, the Rams had themselves 1st and Goal at the three-yard line. The next play, they ran it in to take a 14-7 lead.

The second quarter started with Academy having the ball. Could they replicate what they did on their first drive? Academy converted one first down and made their way to midfield, but a 10-yard penalty hurt their momentum. They had to punt, and the Rams took possession at their own 35-yard line. Then on a 2nd and 11, Portales’s Quarterback threw a long 40-yard pass that ended up as a 66-yard touchdown.

Portales extended their lead to 21-7.

Academy Head Coach Shaun Gehres told his team at halftime that players needed to make things happen.

“On the offensive and defensive side, we needed to do a better job executing. Offensively we were moving the ball and then we’d stutter out with a penalty or a dropped ball. We had some momentum here and there, so it didn’t look bad, but then the penalties caught up with us.”

But the Rams didn’t budge, showing a strong defense that held the Chargers scoreless for the rest of the game.

Academy had the first possession of the half, but Portales caused a quick three and out, forcing the Chargers to a punt. The Rams took the ball at their own 30-yard line and continued driving down the field. Portales threw a 46-yard pass that led to another touchdown.

The score was 28-7.

The Chargers would end up punting on their last two drives, and Portales would keep their offense rolling, scoring two more touchdowns on their last two drives.

The final score was 42-7.

“They (Portales) are just fundamentally sound,” said coach Shawn Gehres. “They are very solid in everything they do. Every player on their roster is solid…We were trying to figure out the right chemistry. I feel like we are a better football team, but we just didn’t execute.”

Gehres then spoke about how the Chargers will prepare for their upcoming road game against Lovington.

“Our preparation won’t change, but there will be just a little more emphasis on cleaning some of the things up this week…the penalties started to catch up with us and that put ourselves in a tough position.”

Although Academy had a rough game against Portales, they remain two games over .500 and look forward to finishing out their last two games on the road on a strong note.

They next face Lovington Friday, October 21.