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College Football Playoff Recap

College Football Playoff Recap

Jessica Allen '20, Sports Editor

January 28, 2020

After months of battling it out on the football field, two teams, ironically both represented by the same mascot, had their chance to become the 2020 National Champions. In the playoff tournament, four of the strongest teams come head to head, fighting for the national championship title. This year,...

The New Age of Academy Football

Senior Football Players Photo by Shaun Gehres

Siddhi Gardner, '21

September 26, 2019

New seasons of every sport are bound to have some changes. Drastic ones are taking place on the Chargers Football team, such as the change in coaches over the summer. The previous coach, Kevin Carroll, has retired from that position after a storied career, and has passed the torch to a new generation o...

Football Team Adopts New Protective Headgear

Football Team Adopts New Protective Headgear

Chris Kuang

October 19, 2017

atching the football team practice, one might notice the white, segmented padding attached to the outside of their helmets. With worries about concussions being a constant concern when playing football, these soft-shell helmet add-ons, called Guardian Caps, help to further protect players from the conta...

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