Heard on the Quad: Academy’s Hot Takes

Heard on the Quad is a series of opinions from Academy students. In this first feature, we collected Academy’s controversial opinions. These hot takes, listed below anonymously, represent controversy on topics big and small. You decide what matters!

I’m pro-bullying because I think everyone needs to be humbled a little bit. Otherwise, you get people who are not humbled… the worst people.

I don’t like candles… they just sit there. You can’t really smell anything.

The human race and all living things should go extinct.

The Japanese garden was better than the cafe.

The thing that is wrong with cannibalism is that… humanity doesn’t have an issue with the idea of species eating their own species. Because other species do that all the time… when maternal sharks lay their litters, only one survives. And the dominant one ate the rest in the womb, and that doesn’t bother us. It’s just that we hate the idea of anything eating humans. And that’s why vampires are scary these fictionalized non-human monsters are scary, right?

My hot take about Gravity Falls is that Ford didn’t do anything wrong.

English class should not be mandated after the eighth grade… nothing should be mandated. You can pick whatever class you want to take.

I think that Taylor Swift is overrated. Her lyrics are pretty good in some of her songs but all of her songs sound the same to me.

America’s obesity is a product of capitalist exploitation of poverty. It’s very clear that we have a massive population that is impoverished, but that’s true of a lot of the world. The reason we have so much obesity is because we’re also the capitalist headquarters of the world and we’ve been so since the beginning of the 20th century. That’s why in our nation out of all other places, even food is commodified and monopolized, whereas in other places that’s one of the things that’s more off-limits.

Uncrustables and ravioli are the same thing because they’re little pinched of bread material with things inside—whether it’s peanut butter and jelly or meat product and cheese, they’re the same thing.

Cool socks are overrated. So many people think they’re quirky because they’re wearing cool socks, and sometimes socks are cool, but you’ve got to get over it! No one can even see them.

Photography is more artsy than drawing because you have to creatively look for stuff in real life to make it, like, creative, but with drawing pictures you can do whatever you want. So it takes more talent to take pictures.

Times New Roman is overrated because it’s overused…like I understand it’s such a classic. But that way very, how we don’t use…anything [else]…is really annoying because we can’t use like any other basic fonts. And I think that like students should be able to decide if that’s something that helps them focus better on their writing, maybe.

Mr. Packer and Mr. Ovitt are the same person.

The disparagement of romantic comedies is rooted entirely in misogyny. However, romantic comedies also perpetuate misogyny… it’s a vicious cycle.

Star Wars The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars movie… I mean it’s so beautiful, and the director is so good, and it’s… such a fresh perspective on a classic series.

Ramen is overrated.

Hot Cheetos are the worst. They just hurt your mouth.