Chargers Basketball Wins District for the First Time Since 2010


The Chargers Varsity basketball team pushes forward to state after winning districts at Academy on Saturday, February 26. The boys won their game 77-69 versus Del Norte, leading them to claim the title as district champions. This game marked the 17th district win for the Chargers and a great progression from last year’s statistics of a 2-10 season. 

This was a great game for many of the players. Will James ‘22, one of the captains of the team, says, “We’ve always been a strong shooting team. We have just been shooting the lights out, and when the shots are dropping and we’re trying to get to the hoop, we’re able to break the pressure easily making it really hard to guard us.” Sophomore Dillon McCleskey ‘24 had a very prominent game as a strong shooter, sinking many threes throughout the game. When asked about his shots, Dillon said, “They were practice shots. I work on them so when I shot them they just felt natural.”  

When asking the players why they think this season has improved so dramatically from last season, many referenced the strong team bond. AJ Rivera ‘23 stated, “I feel like our energy throughout the season has just been getting better and better. Our bench has been really coming in and the energy on the court has been amazing.” Kane Demers ‘22 said, “It’s been a great season. I would say the start definitely carried us just because we had success early and I think we started to believe in ourselves.” He also said his favorite part about the team is “our hard work. We decided to change the narrative and really be the guys about that work, and work as hard as we can.” When discussing his favorite part about the team, Kellen Gehres ‘23, another captain, said, “Just the brotherhood we have. We do everything together and it feels that we are all together.” Joseph Jack ‘24 also described the team’s connection as a brotherhood, and he believes their connection is what leads them to so many victories. “Everything we do is together and even if we have ups and downs we are always together. I think if we didn’t have this connection, our team wouldn’t be the same, but since we do have it we all have each others backs it just leads to victories,” Jack said.

Head coach Marcos Cdebaca says his favorite part about the game is “the excitement from the crowd, we have been in these COVID waterfalls and the crowd has not been able to attend. It’s just been so fun for the students, the administration, and the staff.” He also mentions that the team is “really fun to coach and they give their best effort. This is one of the highest-effort teams I’ve ever coached.”

It is clear to see how much of an impact basketball has on these players’ lives. Coach Cdebaca says, “I think a lot of these kids it’s their favorite sport. They play it not only in season but out of season too. So the fact that they get to play in front of their school gives them a great atmosphere.” Will James ‘22 said, “The community is what makes it so special to me. We are boys on and off the court and that ability to just stick with it all the way to the end is what makes it so important to me.” Dillon Mccleskey ‘24 said, “I’ve been playing basketball for so long and I love to represent the school. I have so much fun doing it.”

The chargers won their first state game versus Godard on March 5th with a score of 70-52, progressing them to their next game versus Pius on Wednesday. Players encourage students to come out and support the team at Pius for this big game. Tickets must be purchased online at!