Linda Moussa joins the Fellow Program


Sowmya Sankaran

Ms. Moussa

“I don’t hide anything about my personality or any of that, that’s whatever you see is whatever you get.” said Ms. Linda Moussa. She is one of the newest teachers here. Ms.Moussa is a part of the Teaching Fellows, a program that lets new teachers dip their toes into the water before plunging into full-time teaching. In this program she was assigned a mentor with the same academic subject she was going into, math. Her mentor is Mrs. Dana Pederson. “I think her confidence has grown…” Mrs. Pederson said. “Clearly she understands the material, and [she] is learning how to explain it to seventh graders.” One of the things I found interesting about her was that her favorite subject is chemistry, not math. Ms. Moussa was born in Gallup NM, and grew up in Jerusalem. She graduated from Birzeit university “I never thought that I would be a teacher in my life.” said Ms. Moussa. However, when she started as a teacher’s assistant in this school, she really liked it, and wanted to try teaching. Although she doesn’t want it as a career in the coming years, but she might get back to it later.