Dune Delivers

Fidelity to the book and eye popping visuals make this film worth your time


Since it was released in 1965, Frank Herbert’s epic science fiction novel, Dune, has been a staple in the science fiction community. The most recent adaptation of the story is a blockbuster movie filled with big name actors. But does it live up to the hype?

Dune is the first installation of two movies based on the novel of the same name by Frank Herbert. Set in the far future, the story begins on the home planet Atreides Family. Paul, the heir of the Atreides family, has never travelled beyond his home planet. However, his life is irrevocably altered when his family is tasked with overseeing the desert planet of Arrakis by the Imperium, the leaders of the galaxy. When Paul and his family arrive, they soon discover that Arrakis is home to many dangers including the native Fremens, giant sand worms, and hidden enemies. Paul soon discovers that he is destined for greatness, and Arrakis is part of that destiny. However, he will have to survive first.

Overall, this movie was well made and enjoyable. From the beginning, Dune draws viewers in with eye-catching imagery. Many scenes are truly spectacular, which makes it easy to get lost in the movie. In addition, the plot stays close to the plot of the book, which helps keep the storyline moving, and prevents the intricate story from becoming confusing. The movie is very detail oriented, so viewers need to pay close attention in order to understand what is going on. However, this close attention to detail keeps the movie from repeating overused storylines and settings that newer science fiction movies have exhausted.

With all of this said, the movie is not perfect. Some of the characters are not realistic enough to be relatable, and some lack enough character depth to be truly interesting. For example, the villain of the movie does not have a strong or compelling reason to hate the protagonists. These characters make it hard to connect to parts of the movie, and it causes the movie to rely heavily on the plot to keep viewers engrossed. The plot, while very well done overall, relies too much on the fact that this is part one of a two part series. In other words, the last quarter of the movie is so devoted to setting up a great foundation for Dune part two that it does not focus enough on providing an engaging story arc and ending to the first movie.

Dune was a compelling movie with spectacular imagery and an original plot. The movie did not fall prey to many of the overused plot points or character traits that other science fiction movies rely on. However, the movie did work too hard to set itself up for a sequel, and in doing so, it did not create a complete storyline. In addition, some of the characters were unrealistic and hard to connect with. Overall, this movie is worth watching, and viewers will enjoy getting absorbed into a new world.