All School Awards Ceremony

Take a look at this year’s recipients!


The All-School Awards Ceremony was held on May 20, and like all things this year, it looked a little different than in years past. Due to the need to limit crowd size, students and faculty receiving awards were invited to attend a small in-person ceremony at Simms Auditorium. The rest of the community was able to watch a livestream of the event.

Albuquerque Academy’s head of school, Ms. Puente opened the ceremony with a speech detailing her love of the school and faculty and listed some of the school’s achievements this year, including successes in athletics, arts, and clubs.

The first award presented was the Robert S. and Peter B. Barney Memorial Award. It is awarded annually to a student in grades 8-12 whose scholastic and athletic contributions to life at the Academy reflect the creed, “I will try.” This year’s recipient was Mackenzie Jarrell ‘21.

Next was the Edith M. Bovinette Memorial Scholarship Award, given to a Native American student in grades 8-12 who has the ability to overcome adversity, has a zest for life, and is committed to preserving cultural traditions. This year’s recipient was Mary Farmer ‘21.

Even masked, Rosa Bieber-Stanley ’21 is always smiling. (Becky Richards)

Next, the Elizabeth Ann Brown award, presented to a senior girl, was presented to Rosa-Bieber Stanley ‘21 for her concern for her personal and world communities, and her ability to communicate herself through forensics, Model UN, and mock trial.

The John and Dolores Colby Memorial Award is awarded to a senior student who exemplifies hard work, honesty, compassion, and humility. This year’s recipient was Analise Granados ‘21.

The Vincent Cordova Diversity Awards are given to one student in each division who encourages inclusiveness in the Academy community. Alexis Limary ‘26, Bella Sanchez ‘24, and Sowang Kundeling ‘21 each received an award.

The Patty Fernandez Memorial Award is presented to a senior girl who loves literature, knows the value of family, the joy of friendships, and the beauty of life lived fully and intensely. This year’s recipient was Dana Baca ‘21.

The Gregory J. Fesler Award recognizes a student who competes on the wrestling or soccer teams and demonstrates a positive attitude, strong leadership, and an enormous heart. This year, the award was presented to Zachariah Sena ‘25.

The Gregory J. Fesler Memorial Award is given to an underclass student who demonstrates a love for life and learning and understands the importance of helping others. This year, the award was given to Dalton Lee ‘24.

Ankilan Sankaran ’25 accepts the Ashby Harper award. (Becky Richards)

The Ashby Harper Award recognizes the 21 years of steadfast dedication of Albuquerque Academy’s third head of school. This award is presented to an eighth-grade student whose participation in the life of the school is characterized by enthusiasm, helpfulness, and integrity. This year, the award was given to Akilan Sankaran ‘25.

The Richard A. Harper Memorial Award is given to members of the varsity team who show courage, cheerfulness, and determination. This year’s recipients were Melinda Modisette ‘21 and Nathan Roberts ‘21.

The Tyler J. Heckl Award honors a seventh-grade student who brings joy and a love of life to the 6-7 division. This year’s recipient was Caleb McCracken ‘26.

Caleb McCracken ’26 receives the Tyler Heckl Memorial Award (Becky Richards)

The Patricia S. Kuswa Memorial Award is given to a junior or senior who demonstrates strong leadership, dedication, loyalty to the community, commitment to improving the world, and steady judgment. This year’s recipient was Roger Wilder ‘21.

The Nancy Lynne Parker Memorial Award honored Noah Vigil ‘21 for his sense of humor, sensitivity, and appreciation for the good qualities in others.

The Robert Schroeder Memorial Award, given annually to an eighth-grade student, honored Maya Macías ‘25 for exemplifying the ideals of Albuquerque Academy through spirit, citizenship, and a contribution to the welfare of the school.

Melinda Modisette ’21 softened her trademark neon yellow for a more muted tome for the evening. (Becky Richards)

The Thomas W. Tooker Prize is awarded to a student in the 6-7 division, and this year, it was given to Audrey Bestelmeyer ‘27 for showing concern for other students and the welfare of the school.

The William R. Lovelace II Memorial Award honored Melinda Modisette ‘21 for meeting the challenges of Albuquerque Academy with courage, good humor, and an adventuresome spirit.

The Erin Trujeque Memorial Award is given to a 6-7 division student whose life at the Academy demonstrates enthusiasm, friendliness, and perseverance. The award was presented to Josh James ‘26.

The Charles Nishino Whitener IV Memorial Award is presented to a sixth or seventh-grade student who demonstrates a skill for music or drama, is hardworking, and is loyal to others. The award was given to Ellie Nunez ‘27.

New this year was the 9th-grade Experiential Education Award, presented for consistent enthusiasm for experiential learning in and out of the classroom. The recipient of this award was Kyo Torres-Chen ‘24.

The Athletes of the Year were Lauren Keller ‘21 and Justin Hickey ‘21, named for being outstanding interscholastic athletes in the opinion of the varsity coaches.

The Academy Collection Art Award honors a piece of art that is bought by the school to be placed in its permanent collection. This year’s recipient was Still Life, created by Zoey Stady ‘21.

The Ogawa Community Service Leadership Award honored Kiki Hall ‘24 and Nora Krebs ‘24 with a $600 grant for funding future community service projects.

The Lena G. Baca Award for Outstanding Service is awarded annually to a staff member who has demonstrated dedicated service and a caring attitude. This year’s recipient was school nurse Shelby Parsons.

The Staff Award, awarded by the junior class, honors a staff member who has shown commitment to the ideals of Albuquerque Academy and serves as a role model for students and faculty alike. This year’s recipient was chief financial officer Bruce Orem.

Finally, the Faculty Award honored English teacher Melanie Peterson for her caring and support of students.

Congratulations to all the recipients of these awards!