Brian Bishop ’18 is Dedicated to Fighting the Water Crisis in Africa

Brian Bishop ’18 co-founded Didómi to alleviate Africa’s water crisis.


Brian Bishop ’18 (right)

Accessing clean water is a struggle for so many, and Albuquerque Academy alum Brian Bishop ‘18 is committed to changing that. In 2020, Bishop along with two other black entrepreneurs from Pomona College launched Didómi, a reusable water bottle company dedicated to fighting the water crisis in Africa.

Around the world, one in ten people do not have access to clean water for drinking, bathing, and sanitation. About a million people die every year of waterborne illnesses, many of whom are children. Clean water is often far away, and the task of gathering that water often falls on women and children.

Didómi works to provide hope. The name Didómi is a Greek word meaning “to give”, and the logo depicts crossed fingers symbolizing hope. Using 50% of the profits from every water bottle sold, they can provide 10 years of water access to someone in Africa with solutions that are sustainable and oriented to the community’s needs. Didómi is partnered with international nonprofit WATERisLIFE and has already seen progress since its launch in June. They provided filtration straws to 300 students in Kenya and built handwashing stations to increase sanitation amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Bishop and the other co-founders plan to visit Kenya over the summer to start entrepreneurship and human-centered design programs, creating opportunities for people to solve their problems locally. Bishop says they plan to build a water well by Earth Day funded by sales. Large projects like these are made possible with help from corporate partners. Didómi is partnered with Stone Age Climbing Gym in Albuquerque, Hilton Hotels, and Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Ultimately, Bishop hopes to sell Albuquerque Academy on a partnership.


“The cure for cancer is in someone’s head in Africa right now, but she’s too busy trading in those dreams to carry a jerrycan every morning.”

— Brian Bishop '18

Bishop’s co-founders, Anaa Jibicho and Lamah Bility are from Ethiopia and Liberia, respectively, and have endured the water crisis themselves. Bishop met Jibicho at Pomona College in California and was compelled by his story. Bishop views water as one of the most essential things on Earth and giving people access to water will greatly increase their ability to contribute to society. “The cure for cancer is in someone’s head in Africa right now,” he says, “but she’s too busy trading in those dreams to carry a jerrycan every morning.”

Didómi is partially based out of Albuquerque, which is important to Bishop. “I see that the Albuquerque community is so powerful, and we can come together to make community change.” Albuquerque also understands droughts and the water crisis, which disproportionately affects Indigenous communities. Didómi is partnering with New Mexican artists to create custom water bottles to auction off, creating more revenue to fund future projects.

Bishop reflects fondly on his time at Academy. He grew up an only child and found his purpose in community service. During his time at Academy, he was involved in Best Buddies, Connect Club, and Ronald McDonald House, and directed Academy’s Read to Excel program. “I find that my purpose really is in trying to bring together the global community, the global family,” he says.

“We’re all drops, contributing to this wave of change.”

— Brian Bishop '18

Bishop stresses the importance of working together to make a difference. The back of every Didómi bottle says “be the drop that sends ripples throughout the world.” Bishop advises anyone who wants to make a difference to find like-minded people to work with. “We’re all drops, contributing to this wave of change,” he says about making an impact. For more info on Didomi and Brian’s project, check out these resources.


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  • Brian Bishop ’18 (right)

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  • Brian Bishop ’18 at Abiquiu Lake in New Mexico.