Welcome Sarah Hossain ’08 to the 6-7 Division

Teaching Art in the 6-7 Division


Ms. Hossain is the new 7th grade art teacher at the Academy! She is a new teacher but is not new to the school, Ms. Hossain went to the Academy as a student.
“It’s funny teaching here because some teachers here used to be my teachers and now they are my coworkers.” said Ms. Hossain

Ms. Hossain graduated from Albuquerque Academy in 2008 and went on to the Maryland Institute College of Art and then to the Johns Hopkins University, where she majored in art history and printmaking. Graduating in 2012, she went onto teach at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. They were looking for someone who understood how to make art and teach others about art, and Ms. Hossain was the perfect fit. She taught preschoolers art, ran summer camps, and taught drawing workshops for adults.

In 2018 Mrs. Hossain started teaching at Garrison Forest School, an all girls school in Baltimore. She taught 6th-9th grade art and 12th grade Art History. After twelve years of being away from home, Ms. Hossain decided it was time to move back to New Mexico to be closer to her family.

Ms. Hossain’s favorite thing about the Academy is the friendly atmosphere and how kind all the students and staff are. She says it’s different starting to teach at a new school during the Covid pandemic because she hasn’t had the opportunity to meet her students in person, and that makes it harder to get to them.
Ms. Hossain has taught her students many different art techniques this year. She encourages her students to try their best; she wants them to enjoy art and not be afraid of making it. She always wants them to try something new or challenging for them. “For some people, art can be really intimidating, so I always hope to not make it like that,” said Ms. Hossain.

Ms. Hossain is mostly a painter and printmaker, but when she became a teacher she had a lot less time to make art on her own. Recently she has started doing art again, specifically drawing food. She has been interested in creating illustrated recipes out of watercolor to make a visual cookbook. Along with art, Ms. Hossain enjoys salsa dancing and swing dancing, and when she lived in Baltimore she loved riding her bike. Ms. Hossain’s favorite things about Baltimore are all the different people from around the world and how many of those people are artists and how many devote their time to helping Baltimore.

Ms. Hossain has a unique perspective, both as a teacher and a student. She is a Charger through and through. Welcome back to the Academy!