Halloween Fun on Zoom

Can’t Trick or Treat? Here are some fun alternatives

Since Halloween can’t be celebrated with trick-or-treating, Zoom is one way we can still celebrate with our friends. Grab your candy and join the meeting; nothing can stop Halloween’s fun! There are many more ideas, but here are a few to get you started and get your creative juices flowing. Make sure to look at the Hyperlinks included to google docs with words and ideas!

1) Movies!
Use a program or extension like Netflix Party to watch your favorite scary (or cute) movies or shows together.

2) Scavenger Hunt
Use Zoom on a mobile device and go on a walking scavenger hunt around your house. Take selfies with halloween items matching a description. Whoever finishes first or has the most selfies within a certain amount of time wins!

3) 20 Questions
Complete a game of 20 Questions with halloween themed ideas!

4) Pictionary!
Use skribbl.io with a designated list of 20 (or more!)halloween words and play pictionary with your friends. Here are some words you can use!

5) A Secret Word Game
At the beginning of the digital party, everyone picks a secret word (Halloween themes work best). Make sure everyone knows everyone else’s words. Every participant should now be on the lookout for these words. If someone uses one of the specified words in the meeting, the first participant to tell the person who decided the word gets a point. You could create a google doc for secret fun and the first person to record it gets a point, or simply yell it out in the meeting and keep count.

6) Mafia
Play a game of mafia over Zoom. Make sure that all the participants agree mutually on the exact variation you are playing so no confusion happens. This would be fun to play at night and laugh along to a “scary” plot. An online variation of this traditional game is Among Us, which has grown in popularity within the recent weeks.

7) Pumpkin Carving
Who says you can’t carve pumpkins over Zoom? Don’t rule out this idea in the pandemic; it can still be fun! Make sure to place your device someplace safe and carve on! Beware of potential pumpkin-goop!

8) Bingo!
Even though it’s a little old-fashioned bingo can still be fun! Take a list of 40 words, and send them all to your friends. Have everyone pick their own words from the list (for the best gameplay) to write or draw 24 words or pictures randomly in the 24 spaces. Then, have a participant select the words. (Tip: If selecting words you can print, cut them out, put them in a hat, and then select from there). Here’s a link to a bingo sheet you can use and a fun list of words!

9) Dance!
Have a dance party! Put together a spooky playlist and have fun!

Happy Halloween!