Who Would Win the Presidential Election if Only Academy Students Could Vote?

The Results of the 10-12 Mock Election Survey


By Markus Winkler from Pexels

With the presidential election coming up in November, the nation is more divided than ever. Every day, political news floods our headlines, and it seems that everyone has an opinion about the ongoing turmoil. It is hard to know what the average person, particularly people who are too young to vote or just old enough to vote, really thinks about political issues. With that in mind, the Advocate collected data from 10-12 Academy students to determine where our community stands on the issues that affect us. We received 226 student responses out of nearly 540 students in the 10-12 division. Here are the results:

Unsurprisingly the student body and parents are largely Biden supporters. A nearly even number of men and women completed the survey, and it appears that the men make up the majority of Trump supporters, and the women make up a large percentage of the Biden supporters, as national trends suggest. In addition, the majority of Trump supporters are Christian or Catholic while the majority of Biden supporters are Atheist or Agnostic. Veering away from national trends, however, is that the number of Trump supporters who are White and Hispanic is nearly equal; the national percentage of Trump supporters who are White or Hispanic is 88% and 6% respectively. Each grade differs in the number of students who affiliate with different political parties, and it seems that many Republicans support the Democratic candidate.

The results of political affiliations by grade are below:

74 total responses
78 total responses
74 total responses