New 8/9 Counselor Kevin Mancini


Kevin Mancini

Kevin Mancini, known to students as Mr. Mancini, Kevin, or Mr. Kevin, is a new member of the Academy Counseling and Human Development Department in the eighth grade. This year is Mancini’s first ever year teaching. He comes into this new occupation with experience as a marriage and family therapist, where he worked with kids, adolescents, families, and adults. Mancini grew up on the East Coast in the Philadelphia area. He ran a restaurant in New York City before moving to Corrales about twelve years ago, a big switch. He is now married and has three daughters. Family, he says, plays the biggest role in his life. Mancini is also the owner of two cats and a twelve year-old golden retriever that has been with him his whole time in New Mexico.
When asked about what the hardest part of starting a new job as a teacher and counselor during the coronavirus pandemic is, Mancini stated, “you just kind of want that human connection … not having people on campus, it’s been hard to create that.” Although it is difficult to connect with students, he says, “[zoom classes have] been a nice stepping stone because I don’t really know any different.” He says that he’s been working to make himself available and put himself out there for students. He is treating health class as an extension of counseling and is trying to foster relationships and connections through the class.
Mancini loves to be outside and had just joined an adult basketball league before the coronavirus pandemic began. His summer has been spent gardening, working on yard work, exercising, hiking, and spending time with his wife and daughters, buying a little blow-up pool along with going tubing. While outdoor activities are of great enjoyment to Mr. Mancini, he says that he also loves to play strategic games such as chess, checkers, poker, and mind games.

[Academy] really makes you feel like you belong.”

— Kevin Mancini

Mr. Mancini is excited to work with the students at the Academy as well as the staff. “[The Academy] is a unique environment that really supports that collaboration and teamwork that I think is pretty special,” he says. “It really makes you feel like you belong [and] like you can grow.” He is excited to bring his experience to the Academy, saying that when he listens carefully, he can really understand what people need. He says if he could only say one thing to a student going through a hard time, it would be to embrace vulnerability. “Reach out, be open and honest with yourself and allow others to help you out through the process.”