Cursed Academy

What is really going on behind the Elf Door?


Deana Chefchis, ’21

The Academy campus is quite big, and most students feel that they know all about it, but @cursed_academy goes above and beyond with its exploration of all its nooks and crannies. The Instagram channel is devoted to finding bizarre places located around the Albuquerque Academy campus. Is the Academy campus really a cursed place?!

According to its bio, the account is “A page dedicated to exploring the most cursed places on Albuquerque Academy’s campus.” It is only open to Albuquerque Academy students and alumni according to the bio. The account owner is anonymous and rejected an interview from the Advocate. When approached for an interview, the channel said, “Thank You For Your Interest But This Seems Like A Trap So The Council Respectfully Declines Your Invitation. [sic]”


Darin Eberhardt, ’25

The account, which is fairly new, posting first on September 25, 2019, is growing rapidly. It has already gained over 400 followers. The account has seven posts up to this point, four of them describing mysterious places around the Academy, one of them including pictures of the past location of the Alpine Tower climbing course to the north-east of campus, one stating the mission of the channel, and one claiming that some teachers at the Academy are up to mysterious business. The posts often include a humorous blurb, such as, “…Let’s Explore The Freaky Room Under The Science Building!!! (It’s Musty AND Dusty)…[sic]”

As for the reason that cursed_academy explores the places it does, the answer lies in one of its posts. Here the account says, “DISCLAIMER: Despite What The Common Folk May Be Saying, We Do NOT Break Into Cursed Places. In All Seriousness, We Just Stumble Upon Them And Explore For The Sake Of Knowledge. Knowledge For The Sake Of Doing. Wisdom, Conviction…[sic]”


The locations that are depicted in the photos include a room under the science building, as mentioned above, a “Little Elf Door” in the library, a door located outside the Natatorium, and a secret room, most likely located in one of the gyms. The room underneath the science building is a rather damp, musty room with a tiled floor and cement walls. The room has pipes coming out of the walls, along with a singular plastic red cup and an empty fridge. The location of the room under the science building has not been discovered up to this point by the Advocate. The small door in the library is about one to two feet tall and has a couple of step stools among other objects. The Advocate has discovered the library door, but unfortunately it was locked, so we did not get a peek inside. The door located outside the Natatorium is most notable because of the llama painted on the concrete

Darin Eberhardt, ’25

wall next to it. The location has been identified by the Advocate. The gym room is a bit eerie. There is a washing machine and a cooler in it, along with other objects. There is a whiteboard in the room with the words “START:” and “FINISH:” on it. The location of this room is unidentified by the Advocate.


The owner of @cursed_academy has certainly made an odd hobby of finding these creepy locations around campus. Considering the size of the Academy campus, it is not surprising that “cursed” places exist. There are almost certainly many more to be explored. Maybe you could be the next explorer. “The Council” surely cannot find all of them.