New Spanish Teacher at AA: Sarah Schulman


Photo by Maysarah Javed ’25

Callia Ward '25

          Bienvenidas to Sarah Schulman, a new member of the 6-7 Albuquerque Academy community! She is a 7th grade Spanish teacher in the Red Chile Pod, filling in for Ms.Trevizo, who is taking a year for maternity leave. 

          Spanish is not Ms. Schulman’s first language; she started Spanish when she was in 7th grade. She was born in Syracuse, New York but moved to Maryland in 2000, when her father got a new job. Growing up she had more than one language in her house; her dad spoke French and her mother spoke Spanish. According to Ms. Schulman, she didn’t want to be like her father and speak French, so she chose Spanish.   

          Ms. Schulman taught Japanese at her old high school for five years, about which she said, “I would never go back there.” She came to New Mexico to take a tour of UNM when the tour guide said that someone left the World Languages Department and asked if she would take the job. According to Ms. Schulman it was a quick decision because they desperately needed a teacher. She agreed to the job, but her parents didn’t know about it and she said that they didn’t even know where New Mexico was! Ms. Schulman thought she wasn’t going to be in Albuquerque for that long, but she arrived on August 3rd, 2013 and has been here for over 6 years!

          Ms. Schulman has been in New Mexico for a while, but she hasn’t seen everything yet. Outside of teaching, Ms.Schulman has several hobbies such as  playing the violin, oil painting, martial arts, and running. So far she has run three half marathons. On the other hand, she hasn’t oil painted in a while because her paints are in Maryland with her parents, but she hopes to start again. She has a small dog who is on the unathletic side; although he doesn’t like going on runs, he still loves his owner, Ms. Schulman.