McCracken brings experience and enthusiasm to 6th grade


Photo by Elliette Varley ’25

Sara Chehy '25

The Mathematics Department proudly welcomes Matthew McCracken to the Albuquerque Academy team. Mr. McCracken is the new 6th grade Juniper Pod math teacher. Mr. McCracken has worked for many years at Academy Think Summer, our summer school program, so he is quite familiar with our campus. Although he has been here before, we wanted to ask him some questions about teaching, how he likes the Academy, and get to know him better.

I think the most important role a person could have on this earth is that of being a mentor to young people.”

— Mr. McCracken

This year is Mr. McCracken’s 19th year of teaching. He has taught with Albuquerque Public Schools, Academy Think Summer, and even at an engineering school in Maui!

Mr. McCracken’s time in Maui has helped him appreciate Albuquerque, realizing what he had taken for granted here. He even said how much he loves Albuquerque after the experience!

Some of the things he likes about the Academy are the people, staff, and students. He loves how welcoming everyone is at our school. He also loves the beautiful scenery, and of course, the food! One difficulty of working at the Academy is the high expectations. Mr. McCracken works very hard to meet those expectations. He says it is a very fun and enriching experience to work here, and there are no disappointments.

Mr. McCracken always knew that he wanted to be a teacher. His mother knew as well. His mother always saw him help others with their homework, with a smile on his face.

Mr. McCracken has always loved helping people. “I think the most important role a person could have on this earth is that of being a mentor to young people. I wanted to be a teacher so that I could play my part in raising children to be excellent human beings,” he said.

If Mr. McCracken was to teach any other subject, he said it would be Science. He absolutely loves the look of amazement on the students’ faces when they discover something new.

In his free time, Mr. McCracken loves to spend time with his family and to be outdoors. He is also a Chicago Bears fan.

We welcome Mr. McCracken to our campus, and hope that he has an amazing time!