From South Carolina to Albuquerque

Math Department welcomes Chelsea Dranichak


Photo by Dan Packer

After moving from South Carolina to Albuquerque, Chelsea Dranichak spent a year teaching at Menaul School and then came to teach here at the Academy. Before moving to the Southwest, Chelsea taught math at Spartanburg Day school in South Carolina. Along with teaching, she coached her  school’s boys cross-country team and, after a great season, was recognized as ‘Coach of the Year’ by the High School Sports Report. A runner herself in high school, she plans to attend the Academy cross country meets.

She and her husband moved to Albuquerque after he was hired at Sandia Labs. She had little knowledge of where she was moving or what kind of place Albuquerque was. Some of her colleagues have spoken about Albuquerque Academy and its good reputation.

Throughout her first year of being in New Mexico, she traveled extensively throughout the state and went to many attractions, even taking a hot air balloon ride. Out of all the places she has visited in New Mexico, Tent Rocks is her favorite. She described the various environments and landscapes that make up the hike, which lends itself to the unique and incredible scenery. Also, although she is not a skier, she plans on taking a lesson this season at the Sandia Peak ski area.

Chelsea Dranichak is joining our math department this year, along with being the administrator for on-campus community service. She is teaching algebra, geometry, and calculus.