Seventh Graders Respond to the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

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Levi Citrin, Writer

After the tragic shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue that killed eleven people, I wanted to find out students’ feelings on the shooting. With the rise of antisemitism, I asked some students about their views on what happened in Pittsburgh. “I think that in safe places like the synagogue that people will bring guns into it. It’s a tragedy,” Josh Baker ‘24, a Jew, said. Another student, Joseph Braun ‘24 said that “the political environment [makes people] feel empowered to shoot people they don’t agree with.”  The spread of hateful speech on social media may be a cause of some people deciding to do a terrible thing like this. As a Jew who goes to a synagogue, I want to feel like I am safe in my synagogue without having police at the door. Also, having a uncle who’s a rabbi, I want to know that he is safe and not in any danger of having a person walk into his synagogue and start shooting at people. The Counseling and Human Development department is available to address questions. Additionally, talk with friends and family members if you would like to talk about anti-semitism and what it means to you.