AA Faculty Shine in New Art Show

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When surrounded by incredible talent, it is easy to forget that teachers at Albuquerque Academy are skilled professionals outside of their teaching careers, and that they have made, and continue to make, significant contributions to their respective fields. There is no better example than the Visual  Arts department. The Academy Visual Arts department is home to amazing artists of all media and all subject matter, ranging from ultra-realistic painting to highly abstract and idea-driven sculptures. An entire range of media and approaches are on display in the Academy Visual Arts Faculty Show, a showcase of the amazing talent within our own visual arts faculty.

Faculty member Orlando Leyba said that the show that it demonstrates the “strength and diversity” of the department and the faculty as a whole. Open April 12th through the end of the year, the show features all members of the art department faculty, working in mediums ranging  from ceramics to cast iron, oil painting, encaustic painting, photography, and printmaking. To Leyba, one of the most exciting things about the show is that it “highlights [each teacher’s] life outside of the classroom,” allowing Leyba and his colleagues to “show off our work to the entire Academy community.” All of these things are part of what makes the Faculty Art show exciting for not just the teachers, but for all of the community to see what these amazing artists are doing outside of their school life. Each piece of art in the show is made by a current Academy faculty member, and altogether the show demonstrates the amazing work that happens behind the scenes and reminds us of the amazing quality of professional work that is not always seen by the rest of the community.