Recent State Legislation Targets and Supports Transgender People

Laws that hinder the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals are on the rise in the United States. More specifically, however, transgender rights are being targeted. This was made especially apparent during legislative sessions in states across the country. So far this year, over 500 bills that discriminate against transgender people have been proposed, with almost 70 being passed, some of which are explained in the infographic below. States with blue dots on them have passed legislation protecting transgender’s people’s rights; states with red dots have passed laws curtailing those rights. The most prominent trend is a massive wave of laws blocking, restricting, and altogether banning gender affirming care – an umbrella term that encompasses all types of procedures that treat transgender individuals, usually for gender dysphoria – for trans people (in most states, minors). The punishments for breaking these laws are massive fines or jail time. These procedures are approved by the medical community, yet states still ban them citing danger to patients’ health. These egregious oppressions are nothing new. Bills banning transgender individuals from using bathrooms that align with their gender identity passed as early as 2016. But there are some states acting as havens for transgender individuals. States like New York, California, and New Mexico have passed laws that prohibit discrimination against transgender people, and allow trans people from states stopping them from accessing gender affirming care to access it without their home states being able to impose legal consequences. In all, it has become apparent that the fight over transgender rights is a key issue in the political scene today.