Off the Rails, a 6/7 Opera


Bea Busby ’28

“Off the Rails, a 6/7 Opera” was a 6/7 student lead production supervised by upper school students and teachers, that was beautifully performed this past weekend. Students joined Opera Club back in August to learn theater basics and write and perform the opera. The club also offered a chance for students to help backstage with lighting, sets, costuming, and choreography. Upper school mentors from years past generously volunteered their time, effort, and knowledge to these 6th and 7th graders. Since then, these devoted students have been meeting to write and rehearse every Tuesday and Thursday in order to produce this year’s opera. This past week, 6th and 7th graders were ushered up to Sims during their last period to watch their classmates perform.

The opera centered on the oppression of women throughout history. In the opera, five sisters sneak out of their puritan town of Salem Massachusetts, and get caught by their “male oppressors”. They then get transported to a train where one of them must die in order to save the rest. Throughout the story we meet various characters such as a knight, a writer, and many more who have their own experiences with oppression. They each teach the main five a valuable lesson that gives the group a better understanding on how to fix their problems they experience at home. In the end, Firecracker, one of the sisters, bravely drinks the poison to save the other four. With this sad ending, the other four carry on their sister’s spirit by changing their home life back in Salem for the better.

The main takeaway from this opera is to take a stand, and not let someone tell you what to do. History repeats itself if someone doesn’t change it, so let this apply to your own life. This was an incredible performance by this year’s opera club, and I am excited for the many more to come!