Heard on the Quad: Academy Seniors’ Pet Peeves

*This article has been edited to correct the spelling of a few students’ names.

Nowadays, finding a senior who isn’t stressed out is nearly impossible. Our class is stretched fairly thin between college apps, taking younger siblings to school, and teachers piling on tests. Here are some things that stress us, seniors, out even more.

“When people sit in your unofficial assigned seat” -Ben Montoya

“Slow walkers” -Taya Demianova

“Eighth graders that ask out seniors” -Anonymous

“When people tell me how to drive my car and they can’t even drive” -Audrey Lee

“Hangnails” -Koen Vogenthaler

“Bad parking.” -Connor Myerson

“When people just like stand you up, like cancel plans and don’t tell you” -Alicia Harris

“Being fake’’ -Anonymous

“Chewing with your mouth open” -Anonymous

“Not paying you back if you’ve agreed to pay you back’’ -Anonymous

“Lying for no reason” -Anonymous

“When people don’t push in their chairs.” -Kiera Friedman

“When people tell you about yourself” -Lily Bosch

“Being rude, like being really loud”- Lily Bosch

“When people don’t focus on personal hygiene” -Stella Hudson

“When my toenails fall off” -Anonymous

“People who chew with their mouth open” -Kamal Nallandighal

”When I’m in a wide-open lane and people come into my lane and then drive ten under” -Kamal

“Vegans” -Jaewon Choi

“People who ask dumb questions in class” -Jaewon Choi

“People who can’t park” -Michelangelo Duva

“Whistling” -Matthew Stein

“People who don’t know how stop signs work” -Michael Kienzle

“Cars going down 80 in Academy” -Anonymous

“When people chew loud” -Isabelle Frassanito

“People who kiss up” -Maya Benavidez

“When you hold the door open for people and then they don’t even acknowledge it or thank you” -Tom Pullen

“When I have to rate things out of ten” -Ilse Dineen

“When people ask me the same question over and over again.” -Anonymous

“People being ignorant, in any way shape or form” -Izy Rubin

“My pet peeve is slow *** walkers they need to hurry the **** up. Or people who can’t open the door. You do not need to stand there and open the door for twenty thousand people, just open it for one and move on.” -Sierra Wang

“When people stop at the Wyoming and Paseo lights, but there’s no yield sign” -Gianna Matthews

“When people pull up to a stop light but they go over the crosswalk” -Logan Esterly

“Mouth chewers” -Josh Zamora-Griego

“When people park on the line on our parking spots” -Julia Lee

“I really don’t like when I can feel people thinking when I hear them talk. Just get your words out.” -Noor Ali

“When you’re in a revolving door and the person walks way too fast and cuts you off and then you’re stuck in a revolving door” -Marly Fisher

“I really hate when people drum their hands on tables” -Anonymous

“Christmas music nowhere near Christmas” -Kaeli Kampschmidt

“The sound of certain people’s voices” -Anonymous

“When people don’t read the English book” -Neil Mahto

“When people put their gum under the desk” -Anonymous

“When people talk obnoxiously loud” -Jaclyn Lehrman

“When people breathe” -Anonymous

“Having plans announced to me at the last moment” -Caleb Todd

“When people get braggy about how little they slept”-Grace Roll

“When people don’t participate in class and then act like they get to have opinions” -Anonymous

“Chewing or breathing loudly” -Iona Nelson

“When people are on their phones while talking to you” -Tess Hatchell

“Not having my diet coke” -Kachi Onyia

“Middle schoolers walking on the wrong side of the road” -Anonymous

“When someone can’t read the room” -Anonymous

“Bad parking” -Anonymous

“When people don’t put their shopping carts back in a straight line” -Hannah Topf

“People trying to have a serious conversation over text” -Sarah Post

“Slow walkers” -Anonymous

“When people take a right-hand turn at five miles per hour” -Scarlett Peterson

“Close-minded people” -Halie Leland

“If I can like tell that someone’s upset at me for something and then they’re not saying anything about it… but then like I also do that sometimes ” -Anonymous

“When people say they’re going to be there, and then they don’t show up. Gears grinded. ” -Zola Ortiz

“When Tallulah sleeps and I have to drive.” -Zola Ortiz

“When people don’t dry their hands after washing them”-Anonymous

“People who don’t follow my Instagram @xdwitty”-Will Miller 23’

“People who say lib-ary.” -Anonymous

“People who wear shorts when it’s cold. maybe that’s just me being a hater.” -Anonymous

“People chewing loudly and clacking their gum.” -Sydney Weber

“When people ask a question, and then don’t like the answer. So, they re-ask the question. Especially for my mom, like, when she asks me a question but it’s not the answer she wants so she asks me again.” -Sydney Weber

“I hate people who don’t like jazz.” -Luciano Brito

“If you’re not early you’re late” -Mireya Macias

“My biggest pet peeve is when people aren’t doing their part but they get mad at other people that aren’t doing their part.” -Taytumn Beal

“Plastic and dishware, that’s a big one. Doc Martens really can’t stand. I just feel like no one can make them look good. I feel like for some people it does look good but like at the same time it doesn’t. Maybe that’s just me.” -Mannav Patel

“When people are mean to rodents because they don’t understand that they are cute amazing angels” -Anonymous

“When people talk about plans that they know you weren’t invited to right in front of you.” -Anonymous

“Seventh graders that run everywhere they need to go” -Anonymous

“Toxic positivity” -William Weinstein

“People coming too close to me, or a lot of people being around me. Like give me some space” -Natalie Perkins

“People saying that they’d rather kill a human than a dog” -Anonymous

“When you’re taking a test and someone is breathing really loudly” -Katie Patton

“Harmonicas.” -Alicia Harris