curtesy of Bruce Walker

From a Small Town in Oklahoma to Albuquerque New Mexico

Bruce Walker is an electrical engineer who grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. He has lived quite an interesting life from working at Sandia Labs for 37 years, to building model airplanes in his free time. When he was growing up he spent a lot of his time studying physical sciences and had an amazing teacher, Mr. Jefferys —who still to this day is his biggest influence. 

 He says that “he is one of those people you know instantly is a good teacher and motivates you because you know he cares. ”When he was growing up he lived in a town of 30,000 people and he liked it just fine but didn’t know anything different. Living in Oklahoma shaped his life. Being in a small town limited him in his opportunities “you didn’t realize you didn’t have anything”. When he was in high school, electrical engineering was a hobby. He worked on radios and even built some. He didn’t know that he wanted to be an electrical engineer, he just  enjoyed physical sciences. He lived in Oklahoma for 22 years and then went on to college at Oklahoma state and earned his masters degree at UT Austin. His dad retired right when he was going to college, and because of this he paid his own way through college. He always had a job and because of this he developed a great work ethic. He took aspects of his dad’s life into his life with him right now, as well as “his integrity” His dad grew up poor and didn’t have much money saved up. Bruce learned how to run an amazing business from his dad and how to treat customers. He wanted to give his kids opportunities he didn’t get.

He ended up coming to New Mexico because of a job offer at Sandia Labs, where he would work for the next 37 years. He had never been to New Mexico before this and fell in love with it. He would go to church regularly and read the bible often. Following God has helped him stay  motivated and helped his life in many ways. In fact, he met his ex wife at church and got married to her at 28 years old. He had two kids with her three years later. Bruce Walker is an amazing person who has lived a great life. He wouldn’t want to change a thing. He is a “very fortunate, lucky individual. Some people are born without any opportunities and I am very lucky to have any. Even though my parents couldn’t give me much money, they made up for it in opportunities.” He now wants to travel the world with his current partner who he has been with for the past seven years. He wants to travel the world because he couldn’t when he was younger. He wants to experience different cultures and new parts of our world. 

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