Balloon Glow 2022

High winds prevented this year’s partial takeoff

On Friday, October 21, 2022 at 6 pm, the annual Balloon Glow at Albuquerque Academy started. Two hot air balloons, one with a blue, red, and white checkered pattern, and another with multicolor swirls, brought in by the company Flying Fractal, were blown up on the football practice field. The Academy set up a stand offering glow-in-the-dark objects, megaphones, sunglasses, and cookies as prizes.

Families came with lawn chairs and blankets to see the balloons light up as the sun set. The initial plan for the evening was to tether the balloons to the ground and lift them 100 feet up and back down, as hot air balloons cannot take flight when there is no sunlight. However, due to strong winds that night, the Flying Fractals were not able to complete their mission. Despite the balloons not lifting off, the evening was a success.
Joane Smith, an employee of Flying Fractals who helped set up the balloons, said, “the best part of the balloon glow is to see the joy in people and to spread the math, science, art, and incredible beauty behind hot air balloons to her community, so that people can enjoy with family and friends.” Hopefully next year this family friendly event will have a successful lift off!