Heard on the Quad: Queen’s Death

How does the Academy community remember the Queen?

Memory shapes the mind—I think that’s a fair statement. Memories are how we view the world and how we view people. Pictures, videos, and statements are all worthless without context. Memory creates the plot of the story. Historical events are entirely different through the scope of unique memories. Basically, no memory is alike, just like snowflakes. How you see the plot of the story is different from how the person sitting next to you does.

And there are very few people in the world who are featured in with more memories than Queen Elizabeth. She’s changed the world, lived through conflicts and pain, love, and peace. But people can view the Queen differently. A person’s story ebbs and flows through the memories that preserve their story, and the Academy’s views of Queen Elizabeth are no different.

“A respectful person [who] did some controversial stuff sometimes but was a good ruler, I guess.”

“I’ll probably remember her for her age [laughs]”

“My great grandfather attended her coronation, he would tell my dad that he could barely breathe!”

“I remember that my parents read to me something about how [The Queen] lost her sister and her mother in the same month or something like that. I don’t know why this stuck with me [Laughs]”

“My great grandfather lived to 94 and my great aunt lived to 96, so I’ve been around older people. The fact that the queen was able to still be the queen through her 90s is pretty cool.”

“2021 was her 70th year as queen or something, right? My sister was born in 2021, so yeah.”

“I’m a football fan. Did you know that the Queen was born just four years after the creation of pro football?

“She’s inspiring. Lived through the late 1920s, World War II, the Cold War, and almost Covid.”

“I didn’t think she would ever go not going to lie. [laughs]”

“It’s sad but I think I’ll remember her because I saw how the reporters were acting all depressed during the day she died, like, everyone knew what was about to happen.

“I dunno, she was Queen I guess.”

“Her dresses. That girl got fashion! [laughs].

“She’s old.”

“She was a Queen at 96! I can barely get a C on a test at 15.”

“Betty White should have died after her.”