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Pedro Pascal is The Mandalorian in the Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN.

Mandolorian Season 2

A Satisfying Experience for Star Wars Fans
Liliana Varley '26 December 17, 2020

Late last year, another Star Wars spin off Story, the Mandolorian, was introduced to the public through the streaming app Disney+. Fans were beyond excited to see a new Mandalorian character, Din Djarin,...

6-7 Students Weigh In on the Election

6-7 Students Weigh In on the Election

Ronen Becker '26, Writer December 4, 2020

Several weeks after the 2020 Presidential election, President Trump still refuses to concede to Joe Biden and has instead filed lawsuits in multiple states alleging election fraud. I wanted to take this...

Welcome Sarah Hossain 08 to the 6-7 Division

Welcome Sarah Hossain ’08 to the 6-7 Division

Teaching Art in the 6-7 Division
Addison Julian '26 November 20, 2020

Ms. Hossain is the new 7th grade art teacher at the Academy! She is a new teacher but is not new to the school, Ms. Hossain went to the Academy as a student. “It’s funny teaching here because some...

Welcome 6-7 Division English Teacher: Tyson Lassiter

Welcome 6-7 Division English Teacher: Tyson Lassiter

Elizabeth Wilder '26, Writer November 20, 2020

Tyson Lassiter is a new 7th grade teacher at Albuquerque Academy. She had been working in the College Guidance Office at the school for the past two years, but just this year she transferred to teaching...

Ben Ray Lujan (L) and Mark Ronchetti (r)

Mark Ronchetti or Ben Ray Lujan for Senate?

Where they stand on the issues
Gavin Mitchell '26, Writer October 30, 2020

With the election for the New Mexico Representative for the U.S. Senate occurring on November 3, it is imperative that people are informed about the primary candidates and their views on issues in New...

Halloween in 6/7

Halloween in 6/7

How is a global pandemic going to affect this year's Halloween celebration?
Liliana Varley '26 October 27, 2020

In March, the world was faced with a global pandemic, which has changed our lives drastically. With Halloween coming up next week, we were wondering how the popular holiday will be affected. I recently...

Welcome Rhea Fan 27!

Welcome Rhea Fan ’27!

September 25, 2020

Rhea Fan '27 is coming into the Academy community as a new student along with 164 others in the sixth grade. These are clearly unnatural times to be starting at a new school, but Fan says, “Even though...

Annaleigh Sanchez 27

Welcome Annaleigh Sanchez ’27

Addie Siembieda '24, Writer September 25, 2020

Albuquerque Academy welcomes sixth grader Annaleigh Sanchez to the class of 2027. Sanchez went to Coral Community Charter School, a single-gender-class school in southeast Albuquerque, starting in 4th...

Sierra Kolb, 27

Welcome Sierra Kolb ’27

Kaeli Kamperschmidt '23, Writer September 25, 2020

Sierra Kolb ‘27 knows all about being kicked out of Zoom meetings at precisely the wrong time. For example, in Spanish class, she got the boot right in the middle of answering a question but other than...

Diego Sanchez, 27

Welcome Diego Sanchez ’27

Reeya Patel '22, Writer September 25, 2020

Starting a school year online can be nerve-racking to any student, let alone at a brand-new school. However, sixth grader Diego Sanchez feels that his transition to the Academy and to online learning was...

Welcome Ella Julian 27

Welcome Ella Julian ’27

Elliette Varley '25, Writer September 25, 2020

The Advocate welcomes Ella Julian, ‘27, a new sixth grader at the Academy! Julian attended Manzano Day School last year, and was inspired by her older sister Addison Julian ‘26, to attend  the  Academy....

Brooke Harmon 27

Welcome Brooke Harmon ’27

Isabelle Hammond '23, Writer September 25, 2020

Brooke Harmon is now being introduced to the Albuquerque Academy community as an incoming sixth grader. She wants to be really smart and very organized. She likes to keep busy and loves to dance and play...

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