Maestra Arellano joins Modern Languages Dept.

From Argentina to Albuquerque


Sowmya Sankaran '27

Betina Arellano


“I am so happy that I fight for my dreams so that everyone can make their dreams true if nothing is impossible. You only have to fight for whatever you can get on it.” For Maestra Betina Arellano, coming to another country from Argentina has always been her dream. So obviously, when her boyfriend asked her if she wanted to come to the USA, she immediately said yes. “I said yes, of course, and I didn’t think of it, you only say yes,” She saved up money and moved here, and she started taking English classes. She started teaching Spanish as a volunteer. She taught for eight years. After her boyfriend got a job in Albuquerque, she followed, wanting to be a teacher. Then while Maestra Arellano was jogging around the campus, she decided to see if they had any teaching jobs. She got a job as a Spanish teacher for seventh grade. Maestra Arellano had no preference between older and younger students; she said both were the same to her. “No, I don’t have a preference because I come from the Spanish from beginner to advanced, so for me since I, I didn’t have a preference, and I didn’t have experience to know how it’s going to be with seventh grade, sixth grade or eighth grade. So for me, it was the same,” Things are way different in Argentina, like they have dinner earlier. So when she was trying to say hello, it got a little weird when her roommate thought that she was going to attack him, when really she was trying to give him a hug. When Maestra Arellano finally got to the Academy, she loved it. “I love it. I love it here. I love the campus, it’s beautiful, it’s big, green, and I love all my students and I wish them the best, and I want them to succeed in this.” We feel the same about your Maestra Arellano!