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Julia Ross '21

Julia Ross ’21

Julia Ross is a Senior at Albuquerque Academy. She is currently the Co-Editor-In-Chief for the Advocate and has been a member of the Advocate Staff since 7th grade. Apart from writing, she enjoys playing tennis, skateboarding, ...

Marwa Chohan '21

Marwa Chohan ’21

Marwa is a senior at Albuquerque Academy and has been writing with the Advocate since 7th grade and is now co-Editor in Chief. Outside of The Advocate, she is also an active member of the AA Speech and Debate team and head of the AA Muslim ...

Sofia Taylor '21
Editor School and Local

Sofia Taylor ’21

Sofia Taylor joined the advocate her freshmen year in 2017, writing articles for the 'School and Local' section.  She usually spends her free time playing violin, but she also enjoys reading long advocate articles. She joined...

Jodhan Fine '21

Jodhan Fine ’21

As a Senior, Jodhan Fine has always been interested in the Advocate, but just recently got involved through his Journalism class. He plays varsity baseball for Academy and will continue to play in college. Jodhan is disgusted...

Penny Benak '21

Penny Benak ’21

A senior at Albuquerque Academy, Penny loves to read, participate in arts and crafts, play tennis and knit. When asked, she would say that the song “Three Nights” by Dominic Fike would describe her personality best because...

Stella Hudson '23

Stella Hudson ’23

A sophomore at the Albuquerque Academy, Stella Hudson is one of the kindest people around campus. She views success in a refreshing way. She doesn’t think happiness in life is based on having a very high net worth. Rather, she...

John Dominguez-Trujillo '21

John Dominguez-Trujillo ’21

John joined the Advocate in his senior year. He has always been interested in journalism, particularly in sports and political reporting, but has never found the time outside of school between basketball, guitar, tennis, and school thea...

Noah Vigil '21

Noah Vigil ’21

Wanting to change the world for the better, senior at Albuquerque Academy, Noah Vigil, dreams of success worthy of fame. He believes in helping countries less fortunate with whatever measures possible. His sister Hallie has been...

Ella Markman '22

Ella Markman ’22

Ella Markman is a junior at Albuquerque Academy and recently joined the advocate staff. She takes inspiration for her writing from her father, who has always been there to guide her through life and influence her writing in general....

Graphics Editor

Deana Chefchis ’21

Arinjoy Das '22 (AJ)
Arts and Leisure Editor

Arinjoy Das ’22 (AJ)

Hi, I'm Arinjoy Das, but you can call me AJ. I'm the Arts and Leisure Editor for the Advocate this year. My hobbies are listening to music, binge-watching Netflix, and reading non-fiction novels. I've been writing for the Advocate...

Arts and Leisure Editor

Siddhi Gardner ’21

Opinion Editor

Max Dryfoos ’21

News and Features Editor

Kai Seidenberg ’21

Liliana Esparza '21

Liliana Esparza ’21

Liliana Esparza is a senior and has been a writer for the advocate since February of last year. One of her strengths is her passion for things ranging from TV shows to feminism and social justice. Her weakness is being a people...

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